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Auf dem rechten Weg
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Autor:  marlies [ 15.6.2007, 9:33 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Auf dem rechten Weg

Ich bin nicht sicher ob das hier am rechten Platz ist, aber die Rubrik hat auch Eintraege von 'English translations' so platziere ich es hier ...

Dies habe ich gerade erhalten - Kommentar zu meinen English Uebersetzungen von Karl May Romanen. Ich weiss es ist auf English, trotzdem, der Inhalt ist glaube ich verstaendlich. Es bestaetigt mir dass ich den Mayster richtig darstelle. Das macht mir schon riesig Freude ...

Hello, Marlies,
I have read “Black Mustang”, and have begun “Old
Surehand I” (which is already a delight). “Black
Mustang” is a wonderful adventure. I am writing, in
particular, to let you know that, in my opinion, you
accomplished wonders for Hobble-Frank. Your approach
was entirely different than in the other translations
(meticulously detailed and careful, but also “alive”),
and it worked extremely well. You made Hobble-Frank,
in his humorous “dissertations”, a character again...
I can not thank you enough for these superb
translations of Karl May! “Holy Night!” is quite a
powerful book, and one that, not too long ago, I would
have thought could never appear in an English
translation, let alone in a version so clear and
potent as yours.
end quote

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