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Karl May im Jahre 1908

For generations Karl May (1842-1912) has ranked high as one of the best loved and most widely read German writers. His tales of adventures set in the American West and in the Orient have sold close to 100 million copies in German and dozens of more millions in translations (33 languages). Based on valuable manuscripts and personal possessions, the exhibitions provides a fascinating insight into the life, the works and the influence of this famous Saxonian author who soared to fame as the creator of immortal fictional characters: Winnetou, Old Shatterhand, Kara Ben Nemsi, Hadschi Halef Omar.


Karl May in 1908

No less famous than Karl May's western heroes Winnetou and Old Shatterhand are their legendary rifles, on permanent display at the Karl May Museum: the "Silver Rifle", the weighty "Bear Killer", and the "Henry Rifle". The exhibition was first opened in 1985. Since early 1995, upon complete restoration, the museum also houses Karl May's original STUDY, his LIBRARY, and his RECEPTION ROOM, all reflecting the feel of the early twentieth century. Historically restored, the original furnishings from the LIBRARY, the STUDY and the RECEPTION ROOM are shown in the VILLA "SHATTERHAND".

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